I am a senior full-stack developer with 8 years of work experience in software development with 6 years for build up an insurance system at enterprise level from scratch. I have intensive knowledge about OOP and Design pattern and solid understanding of system architecture from lower level such as async-io, socket to high level like design a scalable web app and cloud native.

Even though I can create an easy-to-use JS-lib for improving the team workload or create a modular application from scratch, I still believe that the hardest problem in this area is “how to motivate yourself and people around”. So, I am looking forward to having a change to resolve this problem with a long-term project.

I also have basic knowledge about deep-learning, BI, data-warehouse.

SKILLS & Proficiency

Web development






Design pattern











Senior full-stack developer

Noria AS | 2014 - Present
Paris Web

Paris Web is a part of the insurance system provide a set of modules:
- Loadsure:
This module provide the spot freight community with a full-service InsurTech. We build a platform that a new client can integrate with this platform very easy via REST api and javascript library.
- Claim module:
Claim Portal offers a number of sought-after features, such as digital documentation archives and email distribution for enhanced communication flow with clients and other claim stakeholders. The portal has been designed to offer a user friendly end-to-end workflow and can be accessed on any device through a web browser
- Analyst module
Analysis module allow the system extract data from Paris Core System and let end-user create Adhoc report base on the user demand. We use Enterprise Jasper Server as report server and VisualizeJs for our embedded report solution.

In this project, I implement the skeleton of the application, integrate with BI tool, cover the most of the main problems from front-end to backend. Planning and provide suggestion solutions with team and clients.

Success story: In production with more than 10 customer in Norwegian market.
Technologies: Zend, AngularJs, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Web Service, K8s, Docker, Jasper ETL

Software Engineer

Contemi | 2013 - 2014

Lincoln project provide the solutiont for Lincoln company (a brand of Ford) that allow customer to customize their faverite cars, control, book service for maintainent their cars. In this project we implement the web applications run in Kios machine, user just touch and choose the part of cars which they like and the application will show up the current state of this car by Unity.
My duties in this project that create and maintain the main skeleton and the structure of front-end component. Emplement core feature such as: navigation, animation, bussiness workflow, interage with backend.

Technologies: Grunt, AngularJs, CoffeeScipt, Unity, CSS3, Express, Animation.

Software Engineer

Contemi | 2012 - 2013

SSDC provide the system help Singapore Safety Driving Cent manage the bussiness model. System allow student can register and book the lession online.

Technologies: ASP.NET MVC4, Entity Framework, SOA


Contemi | 2012-2012
Employee benefit

Employee benefit system provide benefit packages for company. Company staff available to register number of staffs of company, buy / adjust benefit packages for staffs. My main duties in this project that implement feature , write document, test and maintainent.

Technologies: PHP, Memcache, Webservice, JqueryUI